SepehrShimi Polyvinyl acetate homopolymer with standard quality, based on a different formulation, is suitable for using in wood glues, paper and packaging adhesives, woven carpet back coatings, needle felt carpet back coatings, non woven finishing with the following Specification :
These technical data are determined for each batch before its release by our quality control laboratory.

Unit Value Dev
Solids content
(ISO 3251: 1h; 105°C)
% 50 ±1
ISO 2555; Spindle no. 7; 20 rpm; 23 °C) Brookfield-viscometer RVT
mPa.s 85000 ±15000
pH value 4.0 ±1
Additional Data
These dataare solely to describe the product. They are not subject to constant monitoring
or part of the specification.
Minimum film forming temperature (MFFT),°C,14
(ISO 2115)
°C 14
Density g/cm3 approx 1.06
Film appearance Clear, slightly

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